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MS Satin Finish Machine

MS Satin Finish Machine

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BIBIELLE offers a very good satin finish machine, particularly suitable to be used with the provided abrasive tools. 
Main features and benefits: 
The abrasive tools for satin finish machines allow operators to work on quite large areas (from 50 to 100 mm in width) with a lightweight compact machine that can be used “freehand” even on parts already in place. The abrasive tool is efficiently driven by means of a unique split pin system. 
Recommended applications: 
Stainless  steel, standard or alloyed steel, nonferrous metals and alloys, aluminium, cast iron, titanium, plastic, paint, varnish, filler, stone or wood. 
Work surfaces: 
Production and maintenance of machinery and equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. 
Steel and stainless steel fittings such as cookers, extractor hoods, hobs and domestic appliances.



Warranty: 1 year.
Warranty repairs: only for satin finish machines received in original packaging.


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