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FD Aluminium Oxide Fibre Discs

FD Aluminium Oxide Fibre Discs

Fibre Disc Aluminium Oxide 1.pngFibre Disc Aluminium Oxide 2.png
Bibielle’s fibre discs are made of abrasive grain combined to a layer of vulcanized fibre with a circular or cross centre hole. The fibre discs guarantee high aggressiveness, maximum stiffness and mechanical strength. These discs are recommended for deburring, removal of welding seams, rust and mill scale.
Main features and benefits:
Excellent removal at low/medium pressures, quite a long life and good surface finish.
Recommended applications:
Deburring, removing welding seams, rust, paint and oxidation of any kind.
Work surfaces:
Standard steel, nonferrous materials.


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