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RF Aluminium Oxide Flap Wheels on Flanges

RF Aluminium Oxide Flap Wheels (on Flanges)

RF Flap Wheels (Smaller).png
Aluminium Oxide flaps and X-Flex weight backing. The central wooden hub has a hole allowing it to be fitted on threaded conical shafts.
Main features and benefits:
Threaded shafts allow you to fit and remove very quickly while reducing balance control. Thanks to the exceptional range of diameters and heights available, the most appropriate handiness/durability combination is guaranteed. The abrasive used ensures perfect flexibility/strength balance. Since 350 and 410-mm diameter wheels are heavier, they are individually balanced so as to ensure their stability and balance when used on automatic machines or robotized lines.
Recommended applications:
Finishing wide flat, concave and convex surfaces; grinding the internal and outer surfaces of tanks, containers and pipes; finishing parts of irregular shape such as handles, taps and moulded parts. Removing and cleaning welding seams.
Work surfaces:
Stainless steel, standard steel, alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nonferrous materials and alloys, plastic materials, plastic reinforced by fibre glass, marble, stone, rubber.
When using our Flap Wheels on Flanges, always respect the direction of rotation given by the abrasive flap surface and operate at low pressure. The work piece should be fed in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the wheel. Besides reducing performance, any misuse can result in wheel breakage.



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