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NTD Aluminum Oxide Non Woven Discs

NTD Aluminum Oxide Non Woven Discs

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This Aluminium Oxide High Performance Nonwoven material is converted into discs with hole.
Main features and benefits:
Discs can be assembled to reach the desired size. Depending on the pressure used for assembling the discs it is also possible to vary the hardness. These pre-cut nonwoven discs offer consistent finishing quality, highly efficient ventilation, flexibility, excellent user friendliness, low-noise levels and resistance to clogging. Can be cleaned using compressed air or water.
Recommended applications:
Cleaning parts of irregular shape or moulded parts. Satin finishing small and large surfaces. Workpiece preparation for subsequent treatments such as chromium plating, nickel plating and painting. Removing marks left by previous operations and re-finishing after bending, welding or satin coil moulding.
Work surfaces:
Stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, nonferrous metals and alloys, aluminium, cast iron, titanium, plastic, paint, varnish, filler.



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