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RGM Interleaf Wheels (on 6 mm Shaft)

RGM Interleaf Wheels (on 6mm Shaft)

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These wheels on 6-mm shaft are made of a combination of cloth flaps and High Performance Nonwoven material. To be used on straight grinders.
Main features and benefits:
Thanks to the abrasive cloth the scrubbing action of BIBIELLE shaft-mounted nonwoven wheels is more aggresive whilst ensuring high finishing quality, excellent user friendliness combined with highly efficient ventilation and low-noise levels typical of nonwoven products.
Recommended applications:
Light deburring and cleaning parts of irregular shape, pipes or moulded parts.  Removing scale.  Removing marks left by previous operations.
Work surfaces: 
Stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, nonferrous metals and alloys, aluminium, cast iron, titanium.



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